Throne of the ArchMage

Throne of the ArchMage (TotAM) is my first attempt at publishing a game.  It’s meant to have the feel of a collectible card game, but without the pay to win (PtW) aspect.  When I played Magic: the Gathering, I was frustrated by losing to players who merely were willing to spend more on the hobby.  It wasn’t about strategy or tactics.

I found a game called Super Jacks that emulated the MtG feel without the price factor.  You could play it with a deck of poker cards.  Most households have a deck of cards in a drawer somewhere.  All you need to play is the rules.

Super Jacks was fun but a bit too simple.  MtG is about finding combinations of cards that add up to a strategy.  This card makes that card more powerful.  TotAM is like Super Jacks on Crack or Super Duper Jacks.  I started expanding the game… adding complexity here, tweaking a rule there.

You can play TotAM with a standard poker deck.  I plan to eventually sell cards with what is specific to Throne and give it pretty art.  That way you don’t have to remember what the King of Hearts is.

Today I am in a testing stage.  I’m trying to make the game complex enough that player who enjoys the depth of MtG will find it satisfying and simple enough that those who don’t can still feel competitive.

This is where you come in.  I’m looking for brave and patient souls to test my game.  Find those edge cases that could break the game.  To say “WHEN!” when I add too much or remove the wrong thing.  I have an idea in my head of how the game works, but there are things that just won’t be apparent to me.  Will you help me?

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